BRUT Classic Deodorant Spray, 10oz

BRUT Classic Deodorant Spray, 10 oz – Powerful Odor Protection and All-day Freshness

Brut Classic Deodorant Spray, 10 oz, doesn’t just mask tough odors; it eliminates them. Formulated for powerful odor protection, it ensures all-day freshness wherever your day takes you, with the signature BRUT scent you know and love.

  • Powerful Odor Protection: Effectively eliminates tough odors.
  • All-day Freshness: Provides long-lasting freshness throughout the day.
  • Long-Lasting Scent: Features the classic BRUT fragrance that leaves a lasting impression.


Usage: Spray as needed for continuous odor protection and freshness.

Stay confidently fresh with BRUT Classic Deodorant Spray, your go-to for effective odor elimination and lasting scent.

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